When you grow up the eldest in a family of five children, you earn the title of "bossy." Bossy, as in, having great leadership skills to motivate, inspire, and teach others.

I won’t let you make excuses for WHY you can’t do something; instead, we’ll find a possible path together.

How I can help you?

With our powers combined, I can help you strategize and plan your next career or business move as it relates to your professional brand. Hell, if you need help deciding what your brand should be, I can assist with that also.


fancy pants bio

I am an award-winning, certified project manager (PMP) with 14+ years of experience managing web, mobile, video, and VR/AR projects for Fortune 500 companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Marriott, and USA Today. I was the project manager for USA Today’s Emerging Tech VR Projects when our project, The Wall VR, won a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting. Also, I'm a proud alumna of Drexel University (B.S. in Information Systems) and University of Maryland University College (MBA).

How my tech background is valuable to you?

I’ve used my experience in tech to solve a plethora of problems.

  • Ladies in tech are some of the highest paid women in the workforce. So, I’ll share my branding secrets to help you position yourself for promotions and new career and business opportunities.

  • My coding and building systems experience gives me insight on how to assist you with selecting and designing the right tools to reach your branding goals.


sassy, spiritual warrior + kick-ass entreprenuer

When I left my corporate job in September 2017, I made a promise to do good in the world, practice gratitude, and live as my authentic self in hopes of inspiring others.

As an employee, I felt stifled by the endless policies and procedures that didn’t promote inclusive environments for all people.

As a DC/Baltimore-based entrepreneur, I feel empowered and free to take on all challenge deemed worthy.

Don’t you want a wing woman who’s fearless?!?! If so, look no further.