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Once upon a time…

My first real job was showing kids how to hold tropical birds on their arms.

Not a bad first summer job for teenager. Everyday like an airline attendant, I would give my 1-2 minute spill about how stick out your arm to encourage the birds to land on it. Occasionally, there would be a terrified child (or, two) to afraid feed the birds. As the children began to freak out, I would lock the register and walk over, calm their nerves, and help extend their arms for the photo op the parents so desperately wanted.

That job taught me a lot about work ethic, customer service, and leadership.

Many moons later, I still use those lessons to serve my clients.

My evolution from business analyst -> tech project manager -> side hustler -> social entrepreneur -> to speaker and workshop facilitator was intentional. The practice of personal branding assisted me each step of my journey:

  • Currently, I'm the visiting Personal Branding Instructor for Rutgers University's Professional Women Career Development program.

  • I speak to and train busy professionals around the country at national conferences, universities, and corporations on how to define and create personal brands which transform their job searches and businesses.

  • And, when I have time, I assist individual entrepreneurs and job seekers spruce up their personal branding techniques and LinkedIn.

sassy, spiritual warrior + kick-ass entreprenuer

How did I get here? As an employee, I felt stifled by office politics and code-switching. When I left my corporate job in September 2017, I made a promise to do good in the world, practice gratitude, and live as my authentic self. Now as a DC/Baltimore-based entrepreneur, I feel empowered and free to take on any challenge I deemed worthy. My next big project is running BrickRose Exchange, an intimate art gallery and meeting space for cause-driven individuals and organizations to host impactful and inclusive events.


Bianca J. Jackson is storytelling and personal branding consultant based in Baltimore, MD. Her background in tech, digital marketing, and diversity and inclusion has landed her and associated projects a Pulitzer Prize, 40K+ followers on LinkedIn, and coveted speaking opportunities at events such as SXSW, Digital Summit Philadelphia, and Tech Inclusion NY. Her work has been featured in such publications as Forbes, Washington Post, and Tech Republic.

Approved Headshots:

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Awards and Honors

SEED Spot - DC’ 19 Fellow
StartingBloc - DC’18 Fellow
2018 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Report - The Arizona Republic & USA Today [Team Member]
Women in IT, USA - Advocate of the Year 2018 Finalist
Eternal Flame Award: 15 Years of Outstanding Leadership - 2017
SH//FT Diversity Scholar to Oculus Connect 4 - 2017
Best of 2017, LinkedIn Career Coach
HersOwnly Pitch Competition Top 10 Finalist
Eternal Flame Award: 10 Years of Outstanding Leadership - 2012
Exceeded Team Performance Goal - PMO, 2013 [Team Member]
Project of the Year, 2013: Price Alignment
Spot Award (Project Manager) - Linking to EOB's (technology project) - 2007
Spot Award (Team Member) - FACETS 4.31 Upgrade (technology project) - 2007
Performance Excellence - Profit Sharing Bonus - 2006