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Personal Branding for Career Women

The personal branding concept suggests that success comes from self-packaging. The “package” women select for themselves or allow others to create will have a direct impact on how far they can move up the corporate ladder.

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Lost on LinkedIn

Lost on LinkedIn? Unlock LinkedIn's full potential and have opportunities land in your inbox. You have a profile but you have no clue what to do with it. Everyone tells you LinkedIn is the place to be, but no one seems to know how to use it to make money.

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LinkedIn for Client Acquisition

LinkedIn has become a hotbed for lead generation and social acquisition marketing. Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or an influencer, learn how to create content for LinkedIn that maximizes customer acquisition on a budget.

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8.19.19 - LinkedIn for Client Acquisition, Power Conference, Bethesda, MD [Workshop Facilitator]
9.18.19 - How to Stand Out on Linkedin, University of Texas - San Antonio, Webinar [Guest Speaker]
10.6.19 - 10.10.19 - LinkedIn for Client Acquisition, Bold Vision Summit, Leola, PA [Trainer]
10.19.19 - Using Entrepreneurship to Empower Students, StartUp Africa, Washington, DC [Panelist]


7.11.19 - Leadership Development, Jr. National Young Leaders Alumni Conference, Wakefield, MA [Closing Keynote]

5.8.19 - How to Stand Out on LinkedIn, Keller Williams Realty, Bethesda, MD [Guest Speaker]
5.2.19 - Storytelling for Project Management, Janney Montgomery Scott, Philadelphia, PA [Guest Speaker]
4.27.19 - Pitch Competition, SEED Spot x WeWork, Washington, DC [Contestant]
4.25.19 - Building Your Career Through Freelancing, University of Maryland University College, Webinar [Guest Speaker]
4.24.19 - Storytelling in Virtual Reality, Tech in Motion x Capital One, McLean, VA [Roundtable Speaker + Facilitator]
4.3.19 - Personal Branding, Rutgers University's Career Development Program at Provident Bank, Iselin, NJ [Visiting Lecturer]
1.10.19 - Personal Branding on Linkedin, Public Relations Society of America, Washington, DC [Guest Speaker]
12.4.18 - How Diversity is Pushing Augmented Reality, ASAE Tech Conference, Washington, DC [Session Speaker + Facilitator]
10.12.18 - LinkedIn for Client Acquisition, PA Conference for Women, Philadelphia, PA [Roundtable Speaker]
10.4.18 - Wakanda Forever: Emerging Technologies, Project NorthStar Conference, Philadelphia, PA [Panelist]
9.12.18 - Personal Branding, Rutgers University's Career Development Program, Piscataway, NJ [Visiting Lecturer]

8.10.18 - How to Stand Out on LinkedIn, Black Data Professionals Association, Technology Conference & Expo, New Orleans, LA [Session Speaker + Facilitator]
8.1.18 - How to Attract a Sea of Clients on LinkedIn, Digital Summit Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA [Session Keynote Speaker]
7.13.18 - How to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Career, Black Data Professionals Association, Career Talk, Webinar [Guest Speaker]
6.27.18 - Diversity and Inclusion in VR and AR, Tech Inclusion NY, New York, NY [Guest Speaker]
5.26.18 - How to Stand Out on LinkedIn to Attract a Sea of Clients, Women Empower Expo DC, Washington, D.C. [Session Speaker + Facilitator]
4.19.18 - Marketing Implications of VR and AR, Women in IT: McLean, VA [Panelist]
4.3.18 - Women of Color in VR & AR, Women and Minorities in Technology Conference, Jacksonville, FL [Session Speaker + Facilitator]
3.11.18 - 3.14.18 - How Diversity is Pushing Augmented Reality Innovation, Women of Color in VR & AR Meetup, Hidden Figures: Black Women in Emerging Tech, SXSW, Austin, TX [Session Speaker, Facilitator, and Panelist]
3.8.18 - Career Women in Tech, Micron Technologies, Manassas, VA [Guest Speaker]
3.5.18 - College to Career and How to Use LinkedIn, Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, GA [Guest Speaker]
2.27.18 - Get Noticed: Resumes + Personal Branding, LordResume x JAX Digital x WeWork, Philadelphia, PA [Co-Session Lead + Speaker]
2.24.18 - State of Black Tech, Mavens I/O, New York, NY [Panelist]
2.24.18 - Career Roundtable, Mavens I/O, New York, NY [Session Facilitator]
1.29.18 - Effective Communication with LinkedIn, Urban League, Thursday Network, Washington, DC [Panelist + Roundtable Facilitator]
1.26.18 - How Women Are Shaping the Landscape of VR and AR, Wonder Women Tech DC, Washington, DC [Guest Speaker]


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