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Storyteller and personal branding consultant

I advise speakers, consultants, trainers, and presenters on how to become thought leaders and secure speaking engagements through my P.O.C. method. My tool of choice… LinkedIn!

Power Conference 2019

Power Conference 2019


who is bianca?

Former award-winning IT project manager who left corporate to purse her love of stories.

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I speak at national conferences and for organizations.

WEX DC 2018

WEX DC 2018

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Letting clients experience The Mastermind Brand Experience.

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Client Love Notes

  • Bianca helped me to streamline my professional goals by encouraging me to simplify, shed my peripheral projects, and focus specifically on the professional route to the lifestyle I desire for myself and my children.
    — Jessica M.O
  • She took the time to listen to me practice answers and was able to give critical and insightful feedback that I still use today when I network and speak about my responsibilities.
    — Tran P.
  • Many people have discouraged my entrepreneurial ideas, but Bianca was able to give me the confidence and clarity I needed in order to really sit down with myself and think of what I wanted to do and how I would get there. I highly recommend her!
    — Niccole S.